How to Create Student Registration System in PHP MySQL

student registration system
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Hi in this post i will teach you How to Create a Student registration system in PHP MySQL step by step with Print Function. in this system you can add student information, Print Registered Student info, and search by name, and finally if you want to delete registered student you can delete it . The Student Registration System provides for students the option to register , without the advisor’s prior approval, offered by their colleges during the scheduled registration periods. The students can modify their information selection by adding and/or delete profile. However, when the registration period is over, all previously registered students will be viewable in the system.

How To Create Student Registration System

Creating Database

First we are going to create our Database which store our data.

  • Open Phpmyadmin
  • Click Database Tab and name it is as “iksk”.
  • After creating a Database Click the SQL Tab and paste the below code and then click on Go.

Creating Database Connection

next step is to create a database connection and save it is as “connect.php”. This form is used to connect our form to Database.

Creating the Form and Send Data into Database using PHP

Next step is create a form and save it is as “index.php”. and we are validating form using php to send data into database.

Display Data From Database

in this step retrieve inserted data from database in a page copy the below code and save it is as “displaypage.php”.



Student Registration System

student registration system

student registration system

You can Download Complete Source Code by Clicking Below Button.



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