How To Create Website with admin panel in PHP MySQL

website with admin panel
Written by Rajesh Chauhan

As you know this website provide the the source code for learning free web development projects. we have been mostly focusing on creating source code projects since we started this website we are trying our best to provide you more and more free web projects with source code. and in this article we are going to tell you how to create website with admin panel in PHP MySQL. It is complete website which have front end and back end.

 What’s included in this Source Code?

Front End Feature : –

  • Responsive Theme
  • Slider
  • Home Page is Dynamic
  • Gallery Page with Light-box Plugin and Dynamic
  • Success Story Dynamic Page
  • Contact us Page

Admin Panel Feature : –

  • Secure Login
  • Dashboard Page
  • Post Counter
  • Gallery Image Counter
  • Success Story Counter
  • User Counter
  • Insert Post To Home Page
  • View All Post
  • Delete Post
  • Insert Image into Gallery
  • View All Image
  • Delete Gallery Images
  • Insert Success Story
  • View All Story
  • Delete Story
  • Logout

 Set Up Process

1 – Creating Database

First of all you should to create Database. For create Database Follow the Below Steps –

  • Open PhpMyadmin
  • Click on Database
  • Give The Database Name “lakshya”.
  • After Creating Database Open it.
  • Click on SQL Tab.
  • Copy the below source code and paste it.
  • Then click Go.

2 – Import DB File

After downloading the source code extract it and paste it in the root folder.

  • Open Phpmyadmin
  • Click on Database
  • Give The Database Name “lakshya“.
  • After Creating Database Open it.
  • Click on Import Tab.
  • Select the DB file lakshya.sql.
  • Then click Go.


Website with admin panel


Website with admin panel


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