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How to use bootstrap tables to Display data from MySQL using PHP

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Written by Rajesh Chauhan

In this tutorial we will teach you implemention of Bootstrap Tables. as we know Bootstrap is very popular open source project that provides us more option in web desighn. Bootsrap is a CSS based framework that can easily integrated with minimum customization. In web desighn we have a tendency to needed to populated data in structured table manner that can easily be search, sort. Bootstrap Datatable is just like a table that can easily integrated with Bootstrap table styling option.  This article we use PHP to get Data from MySQL Database and will be Displayed in Bootstrap table. You can Create tables with basic styling that has horizontal dividers and small cell padding by just adding the Bootstrap’s class “.table” to the <table> element. and you can create table with alternate background like zebra-stripes by simply adding the class “.table-striped” to the “.table” base class. with bootstrap you can create responsive tables to enable horizontal scrolling on small devices “screen width under 768px”. viewing responsive tables on other devices having screen width larger than 768px, you will not see any diffrence.  To make any table responsive just place the table inside a <div> element and apply the class “.table-responsive” on it.

How to use bootstrap tables to  Display data from MySQL using PHP

Getting Bootsrap

Bootstrap can be Download to your needs from their Getting Started page but i would prefer using the CDN option, because it is faster also it is advised to go through and get yourself accustomed with some bootstrap terms, including common classes. This page also some Examples of how to use Bootstrap classes.

Adding Bootstrap Library

after download bootstrap we need to bootstrap library file in your page and in this step we going to add library file.

1-Creating Database

  • Open Phpmyadmin in your Browser
  • Click on Database Tab Display on Top side
  • Give the Database name “test”.
  • After Creating Database Open it.
  • Click on SQL Tab on Top area
  • Copy the Below Source Code and paste it.
  • Then Click on Go.

OR Import DB File

After Downloading the source code extract it in your root folder.

  • Open Phpmyadmin in your Browser
  • Click on Database Tab Display on Top side
  • Give the Database name “test”.
  • After Creating Database Open it.
  • Click on Import Tab on Top area
  • You can Find Db file in  Downloaded source code Select it.
  • Then Click on Go.

2- Creating Database Connection

After import Database File then next step is creating database connection using php copy the below code and save it is as “db.php”.

3 – Creating Table using Bootstrap

This step we are going to create Bootstrap table and display data from mysql database.

4 – Creating jQuery Script for Search, Pegination and More

This step we are going to create script in jQuery for display data, Search data, Pegination and Sort.

5 – Getting Data From MySQL Database using PHP

This step we are going to fetch data from mysql database using php.


Bootstrap Tables

If you facing any type of problem with this source code then you can Download the Complete source code in zip Formate by clicking the below button Download Now otherwise you can send Comment.

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